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Observations made in Greenland and other Northern Countries

Frederic Marten

(en lengua inglesa)

ISBN 9789872409036

219 págs.


Frederic Martens was born in 1635. He was a German doctor and explorer, who in 1675 published the book Observations Made in Greenland and Other Northern Countries, a diary of his 1671 whaling expedition in the Norwegian Sea and Greenland. Not much is known about his personal life, except that he lived enough to see his book translated into Italian, Dutch and English. He died in 1699.


The Jonas in the Whale, the ship in which Marten traveled, shows itself as an isolated and peculiar cosmos that roams another isolated and even more peculiar cosmos: the Arctic Sea. But neither cold nor fatigue, nor this double isolation seem to affect Frederic Marten. On the contrary, subtle signs which slip past his meticulous and seemingly passionless writing show the reader that the author is having a good time and that he is willing to share it with us.